Unattended transfer problems with BLF keys

Hi, I am very new at setting up these systems but hoping someone can help. I have FreePBX version 15.0.10 with Yealink T48S endpoints. Calls are working well, everything else is fine except for attended transfer for BLF key.

Manually works by dialling the feature code, announcing the call and then hanging up. The caller hears on hold music and the call transfers correctly.

If using the BLF keys however (which have all been configured as attended transfer) what happens is:

  1. Inbound call to Ext A;
  2. Ext A uses the BLF key to dial Ext B;
  3. Ext B answers and talks to Ext A;
  4. Ext A transfers but the call never gets to Ext B.

The inbound caller, as soon as the BLF key is pressed, just hears dead space and their call will stay active on the PBX but it is never transferred to Ext B and ExtA can’t get the call back.

Some further information:

The PBX is offsite in a data centre. The phones in the office connect to the PBX via a VPN. (site to site IPsec VPN in place) The extensions are configured as pj_sip.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I would really appreciate it!

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