Unattended pickup (intercom?)

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to FreePBX and Asterisk.
I’ve been busy with creating a custom integration for a on-server click-to-dial.

In basis I’m using the modified Jolt script (reepbx_call.php).
This works, it dials the extension and when that is picked up, it starts calling the number passed.

Now I would like to try to not ring the extension, but force an auto answer.
From my understanding I can use the “intercom” functionality for this.
When I append *80 or 80 it doesn’t seem to do anything; it doesn’t call the extension and it doesn’t buildup the connection to the outbound number. I don’t see anything in the logging, where when I call without *80 or 80 it shows a proper call log.

Any idea’s for me look into?

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What is your call context? I assume it has to be from-internal

I’m using the following, (cut a bit in the script):

    $strContext = "from-internal";
    $strWaitTime = "5000";
    $strPriority = "1";
    $strMaxRetry = "1";
    $strAsync = 'no';
    $strChannel = "local/[email protected]" . $strContext . "";
    $number = "+31xxxxxxx";

// Construct an array for dialling
$dial = array();
$dial[‘Channel’] = $strChannel;
$dial[‘Context’] = $strContext;
$dial[‘Exten’] = $number;
$dial[‘Priority’] = $strPriority;
$dial[‘Async’] = $strAsync;
$dial[‘Timeout’] = $strWaitTime;
$dial[‘CallerID’] = ‘“CRM” <’.$number.’>’;

echo “Bridging extension $ext to number $number.” ;

// using $astman class from bootstrap, originate the call

So yes, call context is from-internal, local/1 is my first extension (will be parameterized later).

I found out the script I’m using is written by a forum member @lgaetz.
Do you perhaps have some idea’s I could look into?

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