Unanswered call routing

I have a convoluted call routing. Calls to our general number are routed to a reception RG consisting of 2 extensions (2000, 2001). The receprionist physically sits in front of 2000. If not answered, it bounces to another RG that rings 5 extensions. If that is not answered, it goes to ext 2000’s VM.

I’ve been asked to add a DID for a different company. It should go to ext 2000, prefixed with the new comany name. I got that. BUT, if not answered, it needs to go directly to a separate VM. I can create an extension just for that.

My issue is, if the call comes to ext 2000 and is not answered, how can I direct calls to our general number to the RG and calls from that new DID to a specific extension’s VM.

Just set up a new ring group with 2000 being the only entry. Send to “not answered” call to VM.

Can’t do that. Calls to the general number still have to fall back to the rest of the reception phones if not answered by 2000.

Basically, current call flow can’t be changed. I just need a way to divert not answered from a particular DID after 2000 does not answer.

Setup a ring groups for that DID only that includes 2000

So ext 2000 has RG 2702 as a destination for any unanswered.

I set up a virtual extension, 2002 that has the VM for the DID. I then set up RG 2703 with extension 2002 for unanswred. RG 2703 only has ext 2000 in it. The unanswered logic for the RG overrides whatever ext 2000 has?

That worked. Thanks all.