Unable to zero touch provision phones


Current Asterisk Version: 18.20.2

i’ve scoured every document on the net, and cannot find anything wrong with my setup to provision my phones via the sangoma portal.

i’ve followed: https://sangomakb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PG/pages/41648574/Zero+Touch+Server+Provisioning
and other documents that were availible… along with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkmSiaCxD2k ( 10 Zero Touch Provisioning - FreePBX 101 v15)

  • when i enter the provision url into a browser, it appears i hit my pbx as it prompts for the username/password. so looks like the 1443 port is ipon
  • in the portal i have entered the information required.
  • the firewall advanced services - I’v ensured provisioning is enabled for int/ext/other
  • ive added 2 phones for the testing to an account, and setup the settings in the EPM global and template settings as per the documents.

when i watch the phone reboot, i see it connect to the sangoma portal and do its thing, but i don’t see any indication that it is hitting the pbx to grab the config information afterwards.

i’ve tried http/https modes with no luck, no errors displayed or observed

is there something else i’m missing, or some debugging i can view to see if the pbx is acutally being hit and possibly denied?

any insight appreciated.


I sent a private message

What phones are you using?

Sangoma S500’s

Under system admin>Port management is http provisioning set to port 84 and https to 1443? Are these phones remote to the pbx? If they are, make sure you add the ip address your phones are coming from to the firewall. Make sure the firmware on the phones are up to date. https://sangomakb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DASD/pages/28311785/Sangoma+S-Series+Phone+Firmware

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Hi Doug,

thank you for your time.

|Major Version|IMG–

you hit it on the nose, updated the firmware to: IMG–, and our test devices provisioned!

appreciate your assistance!

thank you again,

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