Unable to upload/apply new firmware

I am trying to upload and apply new firmware for Snom phones (version has some really important fixes).

Dragging the 0.00 onto a firmware slot brings this up:

Custom Firmware

Upload your firmware to /tftpboot/brand/slotnumber

Leave version file in folder

I’ve downloaded the new firmware, replaced the files in the ‘0’ directory (and have tried ‘1’ as well), set the version file to reflect the new version number, but I do not see this change in the GUI. This process is also not documented in the user manual; anyone know how to properly add new firmware?


Seems that doing this did actually update the firmware, but I dont see a change in what it reports as the available versions for that firmware slot.

I am having the same issue. I need to know the steps to add that same version. I can load it manually from SNOM but I have 37 phones and need to be able to load it as the default. All I get is firmware download failed.

I had asked this before…but I was told not change the version file…

Just be sure to leave the version file as is, or the system will try to replace your files with ours.

The system reports what firmware that they have available…not what you have.