Unable to upgrade to zulu 2.0

we purchased a 20 user license some time ago. it does show up on the activation page but on the module admin still shows “Buy” on it. the desktop client is version 1.0 and does not have the upgrade link as shown in the wiki. the module admin shows a version of how do we update the clients?

Which wiki?


is there more than wiki?

Please direct me to the part about the upgrade link.


the “check of updates” is not on my Zulu - i don’t mind downloading a new copy if i knew where to find it.

That screenshot is of Zulu 2.0

http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/ZU/Zulu+2.X+Desktop+Install+on+Windows ???

yes and i want to upgrade my Zulu 1.0 to 2.0 and need a way to do it. the only thing i could find on the wiki was this set of pages hence my original question about how to upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0

never mind i found the link to the 2.0 download

“Download Zulu Desktop from here”

This link under “yes” takes to you to the install wiki of Zulu 1 instead of 2. It should be updated.