Unable to upgrade EPM


Was trying to edit some phones, and couldn’t find the EPM menu item. So I went to module admin and saw that it was at and said it was disabled pending upgrade to .77. When I attempt to upgrade, I get:

Errors with selection:

EndPoint Manager cannot be installed:
Module restart is required.
Please try again after the dependencies have been installed.
No actions to perform

I’ve restarted the server, and the message is still there. I even tried to remove the module, but now can’t install it. We have a valid EPM license.



It said restart module, not restart server. There is rarely in need to reboot a production or any server. It’s a bad habit to get into and it’s not a fix for anything.

run an amportal a ma checkdepends endpoint and see what module is missing

you should be able to mix with a mix of the upgrade/enable commands.

You will find the command line tools give substantially more feedback.

You need to install the Phone Restart module from Module Admin.

That would make sense. I guess it was a combination of lack of sleep and running out of ideas. I thought something was stuck that required the EPM module to be restarted/reloaded not that the “Bulk Phone Restart” module was needed. Will keep in mind to use the commandline for troubleshooting next time.