Unable to Update on a fresh install of CentOS 6,5 following Offciall Guide


I am attempting to install FreePBX on a VPS and I’ve followed the official guide for an install on a fresh CentOS 6.5 machine found here:


I am installing on a x86 machine and had to adapt the script accordingly, most notably by removing the references to " --libdir=/usr/lib64" but also to solve the problem of missing libjansson.so.4 - i did this by running the following lines before I installed freepbx:

echo “/usr/local/lib” > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/usr_local.conf

I still had to run the installation twice as it hangs at first, but then goes through successful and I can access the control panel.

However, I immediately get an error that there is 1 Critical error with a tampered file:

“Critical Module “FreePBX Framework” is unsigned, re-download immediately”

But I am unable to re-download this module or run any update, I always receive an error message stating:

“Downloading and Installing framework
Downloading framework 0 of 5081756 (0%)
Found module locally, verifying…Redownloading
Error(s) downloading framework:
Error opening http://mirror1.freepbx.org/modules/packages/framework/framework- for reading”

I also try to run “amportal chown” and “amportal a ma refreshsignatures” and again receive the following error:

Checking Signatures of Modules…
Checking builtin…Good
Checking callrecording…Good
Checking cdr…Good
Checking core…Good
Checking customappsreg…Good
Checking dashboard…Good
Checking featurecodeadmin…Good
Checking framework…Signature Invalid
Refreshing framework
Downloading 0 of 5081756 (0%) The following error(s) occured:

I can access the file with wget without any problem.

I’ve been around this for a few days already, would really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,