Unable to Update Modules

I am unable to run an update command through GUI in the Module Admin section.

When I go to module Admin and check for updates the following error throws up

/ var/ www//html/admin/-libraries/-modulefunctions.class.php:2666

/ var/ www//html/admin/-libraries/-modulefunctions.class.php:2666
2659. $sth = \FreePBX::Database()->prepare($sql);
2660. $sth->execute(array(time(),$uuid));
2661. return $uuid;
2662. }
2664. private function generateUUID4() {
2665. try {
2666. $uuid4 = Uuid::uuid4();
2667. return $uuid4->toString();
2668. } catch(\Exception $e) {
No comments for this stack frame.

Please help…

Please take a screenshot of the error and post it here

We have version 13 of FreepBX Distro Running and it has quite a few updates pending. When we try to run the update via GUI we are getting the error

FreePBX version -

Class ‘Ramsey\Uuid\Uuid’ not found…

// var// www/html/admin/-libraries/modulefunctions.class.php::2666

  1. $sth = \FreePBX::Database()-


  1. $sth->execute(array(time(),$uuid));
  2. return $uuid;
  3. }
  4. private function generateUUID4() {
  5. try {
  6. $uuid4 = Uuid::uuid4();
  7. return $uuid4->toString();
  8. } catch(\Exception $e) {

Any help would be great

The class can’t be found. You need to reinstall from scratch. Your system is broken

The class can’t be found. You need to reinstall from scratch. Your system is broken

If I re-install from scratch, will I be able to import all my settings from the previous install…including DID’s, extensions, trunks, inbound and outbound routes etc…

I have a few hundred DID’s running on this system…

Any other work around…

the above error happened after we tried …to run…the following
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FreePBX/framework/release/14.0/amp_conf/htdocs/admin/libraries/modulefunctions.class.php -O /var/www/html/admin/libraries/modulefunctions.class.php && fwconsole ma downloadinstall framework --edge

Who told you to do this? Not me in this thread thats for sure.

Here is how you broke your own system.

You said

Then you went and downloaded moduleadmin.class.php from 14.0

So now you have Module Admin code from 14 sitting on top of your 13 system.

Now you have to blow everything away because you’ve messed up your own system

Hi Andrew

Pardon my ignorance but am I able to download module 13 Admin code and re-install it now, to repair the system? or roll back in any way?

Your guidance would be highly appreciated?

If not could you guide us how we are able to import all trunks / DID / Extensions etc when do a fresh install…would save us heaps of time and effort compared to setting up everything manually…

Regards - Raj

You could try that, but the “flag day” changes to the system that are attended by the upgrade to 14 have probably rendered many pieces of your system inoperable. The Module Admin piece is particularly devastating, since it’s the component that allows you to update and maintain the rest of the system.

If you have CSV files with all of the information from the old system, you might be able to use the Bulk Handler, but because of the devastating damage you did to your installation, you are unlikely to be able to gather that information in a form that will allow you to import any of these settings.

There are few things that you can do that will destroy your system faster than doing what you did short of reformatting the hard drive. Unless you have an image backup of the system from before you accidentally destroyed it, I doubt there is anything anyone can do short of a hugely expensive custom software effort to read and extract data from the config files and the database.


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