Unable to Uninstall?

Hello Everyone,

I do apologise if this question is very basic however please bear with me.

I just downloaded the FreePBX Distro version on a laptop. Now I wish to uninstall it but the thing is that everytime I turn on the laptop, I get direct to the command screen. I have no idea how to get out of it.

I cannot go back to the Windows XP start up screen that I use to have (unless that’s been deleted as well in the process).

If anyone can be able to shed some light on this then that will really appreciate it!!

If you simple downloaded the ISO image to a laptop nothing would happen. If you burned the image to a CD and installed it to the laptop you would have erased all the content on your hard drive. The installer asks you several times before it repartition the drive

I did the later… I burned the image to a CD and installed it to the laptop.

What can I do now? :frowning:

There is nothing you can do, the install process removed the old partitions on your hard drive. Did you see the warnings during the install process.

There is no way to recover the files as your partitions are actually gone.

I saw when I was installing in the instructions that your will files be lost. I did not take that to mean my whole system will go - I thought files as in the contents etc, like its newly formatted.

Nevermind about the files there - so there no way to get the operating system back again then? Get my Windows XP?

The only way to get your Windows XP back is to reinstall Windows.

Famous last words: “I saw the warning, but I THOUGHT that meant…”

No, really, it meant exactly what it said!

Most laptops come with a Recovery partition or a recovery DVD. You may be able to access the recovery partition by pressing one of the F-keys while booting. If you made a recovery DVD, you can put the recovery DVD in your computer and reboot and get Windows back. If you didn’t make one, call your manufacturer’s tech support line. They’ll probably sell you one for $20-$30. You could also just buy Windows, but then you run the risk that your laptop requires special drivers that don’t come with Windows.

If you want to try FreePBX again, download and install VMWare Player, and then install FreePBX on a Virtual Machine.

The funny thing is the guy is unhappy with us, thinks in someway our software “erased” his Windows.

Doesn’t matter that he installed something without reading one bit of documentation.

Relax everyone! =)

I am not unhappy and I am not a guy either.

No need to accuse me of not liking FreePbx. It looks like a great software but its just too complex for us to set up at the moment.

Thanks for all your help.

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