Unable to sign in to community


@tm1000 I think that’s the type of advice the OP was looking for.

(Marbled) #22

With nothing to go on this would be like searching for a needle in a haystack…

A haystack I am not even sure what is composed of and even if I did I might not have the means (monetary or otherwise) to replicate…

Maybe there is load balancing equipment which I am not even aware of involved which might be to blame…

Why do I have a feeling this comment was meant to be aggressive towards me when all I am suggesting is trying to figure out a way, with the help of the Discourse developers and community and Atlassian to have a little more logging the next time this problem happens…

And there will be a next time as Andrew said it was not the first time this happens…

Since you administer forums you know perfectly well that my chances of replicating this problem when it happens occasionally and I don’t know everything that is involved hardware-wise are very close to none.

Even if I knew everything involved hardware-wise, they still would be close to none…

What is needed is better logging, especially on the Atlassian’s Crowd side for the next time this happens

Essentially I perceived your last message as a “just shut the …”…

(And honestly until you added your reply I was done with this thread… There was nothing I thought I could add to it…)

If I could do it, I would but we both know that will not be able to replicate with nothing to go on and neither you or this forum could do it either…

We just have to wait until it happens again

In the mean time, it would be nice if a way was found to improve the logging and the only people that can do that are Discourse and Atlassian…


(Andrew Nagy) #23

Next time this happens the user will have to send me their password. I don’t know of anyone that wants to do this.

He can send me his old password if he wants.

(Andrew Nagy) #24

I don’t recall saying this. I was talking about tickets in general.

(Marbled) #25


Sorry, I guess you meant tickets that you could not replicate, I thought you meant tickets for this exact problem that you could not replicate…

I know that there were authentication issues in the past but they involved multiple people IIRC…

(I believe @xrobau had made an announcement about them…)

Once again, sorry for attributing to you something you didn’t say, I misinterpreted one of your comments…

Have a nice day,


(Andrew Nagy) #26

When we migrated to crowd the passwords were encrypted. Much as they are now. So all passwords had to be reset. This is what was discussed in the past.

(Jared Busch) #27

And this happened again today.

While troubleshooting an issue with LastPass, I purged my browser (Firefox) history, saved sites, cookies, everything. I knew I would have to log back in to all the sites I visit. But hey, that’s normally not a problem…


As when I reported this issue years ago I was unable to log in. Presented with the same screen as before.

Chrome on the same computer had never been logged in to this community and received the same error.

Ok let’s do a password reset… Wait. How can I do that. there is no link on that screen.

Poking around, I ended up here from the URL saved in my LastPass: https://www.freepbx.org/user and found a reset password link.

That takes you back to Atlassian, https://issues.freepbx.org/secure/ForgotLoginDetails.jspa

There is absolutely something wrong, possibly just with my account, I have no idea. I don’t run this discourse community, I’m just a participant.

(Andrew Nagy) #28

Atlassian and the forums both use crowd. So that’s why you get redirected to reset your password through atlassian (you mean jira). If you want to reset your password for discourse you do it through jira (or crowd or any connected Sangoma product that links to crowd)

(Jared Busch) #29

To a user, that matters how?

(Andrew Nagy) #30

I don’t know how to answer your question since I already answered it in my reply but here goes: It matters because I am stating that you reset your forum password through what you call “Atlassian”.

To reset your password on the forums use this link (which is Crowd, Which is Jira, Which is Atlassian): http://sso.freepbx.org/console/forgottenlogindetails!execute.action

(Itzik) #31

Link also works with https, it makes it a tiny more secure :wink: