Unable to setup Sangoma DC201 (D10M + DB20E) using Endpoint Manager of FreePBX 14

I’m using FreePBX 14 with all updates installed and trying to configure
D10M using Endpoint Manager.
The connection between D10M/DB20E works, but there are some configuration problems:

On DB20E, I could go to “Extensions” and “Import Local Phonebook” and it works - the imported contacts appear on D10M. But if I import contacts globally in “Central Directory”,
then nothing changes in the phonebook of D10M, probably because I need to add a new function key for the remote phone book?
And this is what I wanted to try:
In Endpoint Manager -> Template “sangoma_default”, I see “DB20” under DECT stations, but I see no “D10M” under Phones, why? How to define a function key for “D10M” without it?

Currently I’m using a custom XML/CSV file for the remote phone book that I can modify as necessary and I would like to make it available on D10M (or to make a phonebook from “Contact Manager” available in D10M). This is the main question.

Thank you.


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