Unable to save dynamic agents

Hello FreePBX community,

I am experiencing an issue that started occurring out of the blue. I created a new queue, but I am unable to assign dynamic members, when I put down the extension, hit submit then apply, then I go back to the queue, dynamic members goes back to blank. I can put them on static but not dynamic. Any ideas? I need to fix this please as soon as possible. I am running FreePBX, queue module is 12.0.21 and asterisk 11.6 cert. Thank you in advanced.

The version of Asterisk and FreePBX you are running are both EOL.

Could be there’s a bug, and if that’s the case there’s not much hope for a fix.

You may try saving again in a different browser.

Or a workaround would be to not restrict to dynamic agents, that way any extension can log in.

The solution would be to upgrade FreePBX and Asterisk to a supported version.

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