Unable to reset default image on S505

Need help with an S505 - factory reset already and after it boots the default screen image is not normal.
It shows a flower icon and yellow bars next to user icons.

Firmware is 1.68 - I have factory reset the phone and tried restoring the image on the phone settings but nothing changes it back to the default Sangoma image (IMG) (BOOT)
3…0.4.88 (ROM)

when the phone is “booting” and “Initializing” the image is fine.
I have run out of ideas and need an experts help… I have uploaded a couple images

thank you

There is much newer firmware available for these phones. Maybe try updating to the latest firmware first?

Hey thank you for the suggestion and I will try updating the firmware via EPM. I have 11 other phones the same and they display just fine… I thought that after a factory reset the entire phone is set back to the way it comes out of the box (including the images for the display). I guess this is not the case??

I am super unfamiliar with how these phones work on older firmware versions. My suggestion was basically just a shot in the dark. It could be that you are running into a bug that was solved in a more recent version of the firmware release.

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