Unable to rename extensions


I recently became responsible for an Asterix/FreePBX phone system, which I didn’t configure and have no documentation on unfortunately.

I have managed OK with things, however I can’t seem to rename extensions. I have tried to rename them using FreePBX, updating the linked users. There is no reference at all to the old display names, but it still appears on the Yealink T23G handsets when dialling.

Is anybody able to help please?

I guess you also have to change it on the webinterface of the yealink base station.

Sorry I forgot to add, I have also changed it there.

The name that shows up on the desk phone when calling extension to extension I’m pretty sure comes from the name in the extension, but if there is a BLF key with the old name set or if there the internal directory (in the yealink) is being used maybe that’s messing things up.

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