Unable to register to register SPA504G


I have FreePBX installed and i have configured the inbound & outbound routes with my 4 different SIP trunks. They work fine with my SIP client configured on my Android device.

However i seem to be having issues registering my Cisco SPA504G phone. I have run the Endpoint configuration. Within the endpoint device list, the phone appears as offline.

The MAC address has been configured correctly. I have verified it to work. The station name has been set as the extention number.

Any ideas of what are the next steps to get my cisco SPA504g appear as online?

Thank you.

You didn’t tell us much, is the phone picking up it’s provisioning?

Are you manually putting in the tftp server address in the phone or are you using DHCP option 66?

The phone does not seem to register. I have restarted the phone and does not work too.

I have manually put in the tftp server address within the advanced settings

look in /tftpboot to see if there is a config file for the phone
up the verbosity for tftp (/etc/xinetd.d/tftp) and then monitor the /var/log/messages file (tail -f /var/log/messages) and see if the phone ever requests the config file from the pbx.

Does the 504G register correctly if you configure it manually ?

I have used both methods but provisioning from the pbx ensures you get all the settings (well most anyhow). if you do it manually don’t forget to set the dial plan


I would like some clarification pertaining to the manual provisioning.
How is that achieved?

Sorry, im not too familiar with the manual configuration.

One more thing is that when i perform the device discovery, it does pick up the phone.

Manual configuration would involve determining the IP of the phone and pointing a web browser at the phone and manually configuring. I bet if you Googled this you would find a lot of info on how it is done.

Oh well, yeah thats what i have been doing. Been using the manual configuration method.