Unable to register Sangoma DB20N Base?

The DB20N base boots up and the LED light turns green yet there is no IP assigned.
I have reset the base and started from scratch multiple times.
What command can I use from the CLI to view Registration attempts in real time?

The common one is ‘asterisk -vr’ and just watch the console.

If you just want to observe, you can use “tail -F /var/log/asterisk/full”. That’s a capital F.

What does this mean? Are you saying the device does not get a DHCP lease on boot?

Yes, I am not seeing any IP even though the light is green.
The handset will not register to the base.

Thank you, I tried asterisk -vr
I do not see any registration attempts from this base unit.

Does anyone know the default IP once the unit has been reset?

The unit queries the network it is on for a DHCP address. You can reserve one by modifying the dnsmasq configuration file so that the unit gets the same address every time, or you can look in the /var/db/dhcp* data files and seeing what address got assigned. Failing that, you should see the base station asking for an address in the /var/log/messages file.

I am not seeing the base station asking for any IP in /var/log/messages??
Maybe I am just not recognizing what I should see in messages?

OK - my assumption was that your PBX is serving as your DHCP server. If it is, then the base station should be asking for (and getting) an address from the server.

If you are not using the DHCP server in the PBX (you enabled the one on the router, for example) you are going to have to set that up so that the phone knows where the “next-server” is so that it can get files from the server, etc.

Tell us more about your network architecture and we might be able to spot the strange part.

DHCP is handed out via our server
There are VLANS for the phones so I thought maybe it was a problem with the VLAN
I configured a new template that does not use the VLANS
The base station boots up and the LED turns green.
If I scan my network I do not see the DB20N at all.
If I reboot and run asterisk -vr I do not see the DB20N trying to register.
I reset the unit using the reset button on the back. I thought maybe it assigned itself a default IP? Cant find that either.

OK. So I did find the MAC of the DB20N in my Address Lease on my server. I misread the MAC address. So I now have the IP but unable to access the DB20N on this address. Wondering if the base has just failed?

I was unable to access the IP my server said was assigned to DB20N. I deleted the IP lease and rebooted the DB20N, and I do not see any IP assigned to this dang base station.

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