Unable to register extensions

VM disconnects when attempting to register extensions in MicroSip or Xlite. VM is setup with bridged networking. SIP 408 error. I would appreciate any help.

Just need further infromation.

  • What’s your system (FreePBX version, Distor …Etc)?
  • What’s the driver used here? (chan_sip, pjsip)?
  • Maybe check if your some ip address is blocked in sysadmin / intrusion detection. 408 error could be your issue. If your ip is black listed of course. this issue is coming often when you try to set a wrong password for test.
  • Check Asterisk SIP Settings menu. Network, Nat, …etc

Just an idea like that.

Hi Frank,

Thanks for responding.

Presently using 10.13.66 but I have tried others as well.

Another thing I just realized is that the initail error from XLite is to verifiy the User Id, password & auth name, after I retry the registration about 3 times, that is when it disconnects.

I enter the extension for the User ID and Authorization name, I have used the default secret password as well as other passwords with no luck.

“default secret password” ??

Yes, the default password created for the extension.

OK, not quite ‘default’ more ‘individually generated’

What other defaults are you using, hopefully your default Channel Driver is chan_pjsip (on udp 5060) and your extension is specifically using that technology.

Basically using all default settings. Yes port is 5060.

I suggest you fire up your sngrep in one terminal and see what is happening, at the same time (in another terminal)

 tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full

Package not found for sngrep

tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full shows: No mathcing endpoint found

Request ‘REGISTER’ from “Help Desk”
Help Desk is the display name I entered

I left out this part of the error sip:1001! failed for No matching endpoint

sngrep has been a fixture of the “distro” for a while, it is in the current apt (debian flavor) repos, can’t speak for yours :wink:

The terminal I refer to is a linux ‘shell’ of most any variety ‘putty’ or ’
ssh’ qualify just NOT the asterisk CLI interface.

That suggests that you have your chan_pjsip and chan_sip mixed up somewhere.

Not sure how that would happen.

So the problem was a simple issue all this time, the config was not applied :man_facepalming:
Now I just need to set up more extensions.

Thanks for taking the time to help.

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