Unable to receive calls

I just got service with a provider and i can make calls but I cant not for the life of me receive them. The calls wont route to the extension i put in and i even set up a IVR and it wont go there either. It just has a busy tone or just hangs up when I call the phone. I have 2 snom VoIP phones connected

Logs, Logs always post logs!

You are describing an issue which seems to be an issue with the register string setting in the incoming section of the trunk. What is the format with the register string under the incoming tab? It should be something that is supported by your SIP Provider. Normally this is Username:[email protected]/Username_Or_DID. The last part of the string (Username_Or_DID) may not be needed, however with the SIP Trunks that I sell, I require clients to enter this for multiple numbers being registered on one PBX.

Need way more information. Logs would help. Could be:
1 Trunk configured incorrectly.
2. Asterisk SIP Setings configured incorrectly.
3. Inbound route configured incorrectly.
4. Firewall configured incorrectly.
5. Service provider issue.

Does anyone know if we have a troubleshooting flowchart in the Wiki? If not, that’s something that should exist. :slight_smile:

Apparently after 4 hours of trying to figure out the issue it ended up not being the server at all and it was the provider. Thank you guys though.

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