Unable to reboot Grandstreams

At the console, if I issue “sip notify grandstream-check-cfg 5704”, 5704 (a Grandstream 2200) does NOT reboot. (This also applies to at least Grandstream 2000s).

I also am unable to “Reboot” phones through EPM nor through Admin-Phone Restart, which is why I tried at the console to see what was happening at that level.

I do have Commercial EPM installed and did not see this behavior prior to EPM which is why I posted in Commercial Modules. Please move if more appropriate elsewhere.

In sip_notify_additional.conf, I see the following:



If I comment out the “sys-control” lines and do a core reload, then my sip notify works properly.

I can’t seem to find the usage of sys-control during my web searches, but, I do see references to the check-sync Event as the one to reboot the Grandstreams.

I’m guessing that sip_notify_additional.conf will be overwritten (by design), so, how can I remove the “sys-control” lines permanently? I also know that sip_notify_custom.conf is where you go to ADD customizations, but, where can you go to REMOVE functionality?

Or, should I NOT remove them?

Asterisk (Ver. 10.12.3)
PBX Firmware: 4.211.64-9
PBX Service Pack:

Please open a bug report under FreePBX and module End Point Manager

Done. Thanks.