Unable to ping external IP addresses after NAT IP change

This has got to be a problem in the SonicWALL. Your routing information is correct - the default route is the internal LAN address of the SonicWALL, and the local network (10.0.2.x) is correct, and both are on eth0.

This is definitely not a problem in the Phone Server.

If it’s a Sonicwall issue, why is this the only device on the network that has this problem? All other devices, including the SonicWall itself can communicate with any external IP.

Have you done any packet capturing on the Sonicwall to see what happens to the traffic?

I asked this earlier. This should tell you exactly what is happening.

I’m still convinced you have your NAT policies/rules wrong.

OK, figured it out. It was an Address Object on the SonicWall. It was used for the UC40 and had the old external IP address associated with it. Once I changed it to the new IP, it worked fine. What allowed me to figure this out was that I had Bigleaf do a packet capture and they could see the pings coming out but with the old external IP. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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