Unable to pick up calls

I have a FreePBX set up which is working fine with the exception of one issue.

I have 4 extensions in a sales queue, which is using the “ring all” strategy, so when a call comes in all extensions ring as expected, however, I get odd behaviour when an extention is in use…

  • Extention 6001 is on a call.
  • A new call comes into Queue 5000
  • Extentions 6002, 6003 and 6004 all ring (as expected)
  • 6001 completes call and hangs up
  • 6001 does not ring

It is my understanding that 6001 should rejoin the queue 5000 once it is no longer busy…am I wrong?

I suspect that the phones are not rejoining the queue after being busy. I have set the following but still have the issue…

  • Agent Timeout is set to unlimited

  • Retry is set to 1 second

  • Wrap up time is set to zero.

  • I have even replaced the phones!

Any help will be gratefully recieved as I have had this problem for some time now.



Try to set Agent Timeout to a reasonable finite value, e.g. 20 sec

After ext 6001 hangs up, it will start ringing when the current Timeout expires.

Please note as a secondary effect that when a calls enter in the queue, it will ring all available phones until Agent Timeout expires, then stop and wait for the Retry time, then start ringing/pausing again until Max Wait Time expires. Therefore, on every unattended phone for every “real” incoming call you will find many missed calls (the ratio Max Wait Time/Agent Timeout).
So it is not really useful and a bit misleading too, to set Agent Timeout to very small values (10 sec or less).