Unable to pause interface + "Unable to unpause interface"

There’s installed last FreePBX Distro (Asterisk (Ver. 11.5.1), FreePBX, all works good excluding…

While I’m trying to pause SIP in QUEUE
(f.e. ]# asterisk -rx “queue pause member 4502 queue 801”), I’ve got “Unable to pause interface ‘4502’ in queue ‘801’”.

If I pause interface by “Auto Pause”, I can’t unpause it later.
Unable to unpause interface ‘4502’ in queue ‘801’

Both “sip show peer 4502” and “queue show 801” works as they must.

It doesn’t matter I’ve write SIP/4502, or 4502/4502 – don’t understand why.

Where I’m wrong? Suggest me, plz.

I am having the same problem. Any fix?

This command needs the full member specification for some reason, not just the extension number. You’ll need something like this:

queue unpause member Local/4502@from-queue/n queue 801

Run: asterisk -rx “queue show”

And see what it lists for the full member name.