Unable to obtain CDR reports

I have installed freepbx on a PC and i am not able to get CDR reports.All the other functionalities are working fine. Call logs says “No Data Found”. How can i get the CDR in freepbx or in AsteriskNOW freePBX.???

Make sure you selected all the necessary modules in Asterisk-addons before compiling.


I installed the version FreePbx, I have the system working properly, but i am not able to get CDR reports, says “No Data Found”. the Mysql database is created, but has no data of telephone calls. How can i get the CDR ? Thanks

zepsl, have you already checked what I suggested earlier?

I have the same issue.

AndrewZ, I made the yum install asterisk-addons. I have to complile them or with that its ok?(I use a Asterisk now!)

If you’re using FreePBX, go to Admin => General Settings => Call Recording =>
=> Extension Recording Overide .
It will work.
Good luck!