Unable to make outbound calls and recieve calls from PSTN

Hi Everyone, I’m new to Asterisk and Linux.

Here is my setup:

Linux machine with ASTERISKNOW 1.4.24 and FreePBX installed on it. IP=
1 SPA-3102 (Linksys PSTN Gateway - http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps10027). IP=
1 PAP2-NA (Linksys Phone Adapter - http://www.voiplink.com/Linksys_PAP2_NA_p/linksys-pap2-na.htm). IP=

Steps that I done:

Installed Asterisknow and freepbx.

Entered the webpage of freepbx and got rid of any warnings etc…

Created 2 Extensions for my 2 analogue phones that are connected with the phone adapter. Extension numbers 123 and 500

Then created a Trunk for my PSTN Gateway.
Outbound Settings: type=friend
As inbound settings I didn’t do anything as im not sure what to enter.

Then I tried to create an outbound rule but im not sure what to enter. I enterned the outbound name, A dailplan 00356+XXXXXXXX (00356 21437565 local number) and set the trunk sequence to the one created above.

In my PSTN Gateway in the PSTN Tab i entered the following options:

Proxy and Registration
Outbound Proxy: (blank)
Use Outbound Proxy: no
Register: no
Make Call Without Reg: yes
Register Expires: 36000
Ans Call Without Reg: yes

Subscriber Information
Display Name: PSTN Gateway
User ID: 10000
Password: 10000
Use Auth ID: no
Auth ID: 10000

Dail Plan
Dail plan 1to 7 = (xx.)
Dail plan 8 = (S0<:[email protected]:5060)

So basically when i try to call from telephone(123) to telephone(500) everything works well. When i try to call from any of those telephones to an external line like 00356 21444565 i get server unreachible. Also if i call from an outside line to 21437565 the one calling hears normal dail tones but the phone doesn’t ring.

Can anyone try and help me please. I think im missing something to route the call out to the PSTN line and in the Asterisk Box. If you need more information don’t hesitate to ask for.