Unable to make or receive external calls hangupcause 27

Hi all
I am a newbie and hope someone can help. 8 weeks ago we had a lightening strike that took out our server.
The server was running elastix serving 21 extensions. We are connected via 2 nt boxes to isdn lines. Voip isn’t available due to high latency. the only service available is satellite for our broadband connection.

Our telecom provider,eircom, have checked there end and say the problem is at our end. I can connect to the a/b port and make and receive calls.

I have changed out the server,replaced the (sangoma a500) isdn card and the bri module. I installed freepbx instead of elastix

I am getting “all circuits are busy now please try later” message when trying to make a call from any of the extensions

there is only one trunk setup for all calls and one outbound and one inbound route.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Logs from “around” a pertinent period from /var/log/asterisk/full log file would help us a lot.