Unable to make calls to specifix digits

HI Everyone

I am stuck up in a weird problem ,

we have an freepbx up and running fine in India And we are using pri line from a local telecom provider Airtel we are unable to make calls to specific digits like toll-free calls and mobile numbers starting with 96 and local calls starting with 6160XXXX, in spite of adding routes

we had logged a case with our telecom provider and the telecom guys had an tester which all the calls are routing fine but the calls are not routing through freepbx , the dial pattern to be followed as suggested by telecom operator was not to use any prefix . we had made changes in our outbound routes not to use any prefix but the calls are not still routing , any help is highly appreciable

I don’t know much about the dial plans in India but verify in the log file the correct digits are being sent. Sometimes for testing it helps to simplify the dial pattern by just allowing any digits to be dialed by using wildcards.

Hi @fcd_3 Thanks for replying back i spoke with the telecom provider he made a test calls from the line and all the calls were working fine he advised us not to use 0 or any prefix just dial the number

Here are the screens hots of dial plans ,

and trunks …

Can you help us in fixing the issue