Unable to login to FreePBX Administration after fresh install of Stable-1.812.210.57 full ISO

I recently installed Stable-1.812.210.57 full ISO and am unable to login to the Administration page. I’ve followed the install instructions, and can login as root on the Linux command line at the console. Per the instructions my first attempt to login to the web GUI should prompt me to setup a username and password, it does not.

I’ve tried a number of default passwords, like admin/admin, admin with no password, root/root, root with no password and the same combinations using my linux root password. Nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

How are you going to your PBX in your browser. Make sure you just do to the IP Address not any /admin at the end. That should prompt you to create a user.


I am encountering the same issue. I did the fresh installation but after accessing with the IP, I only get a “Apache Test2 Page”.

Please help.