Unable to log in to Admin GUI or UCP

Our FreepBX v16 has suddenly decided to not allow me to log in to the GUI at all. I can load the home page with the 4 circular buttons, but attempting to log in to the admin interface flashes up a red banner that says “Internal Server Error” and attempting to log in to the ECP gives a red box saying “There was an error, see the console log for more details.”

I am not sure where to look for console logs? /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log doesn’t seem to show anything useful relating to this error. I have tried restarting server as well.

Rather stumped on where to look next.

Show us your ‘four circular buttons’

I was able to manage a login via fwconsole unlock >>sessionid<<

It seems as though there is some sort of LDAP sync error in my user management > directories screen. I have turned “secure connection type” to none on my LDAP sync which has allowed the directory to sync once again, and I’ve been able to adjust my LDAP account back to admin and sign in with it now.

Odd in that there haven’t been any config changes recently to either LDAP servers or PBX. My best guess is windows update on DC may have broken LDAP auth?

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