Unable to locate the FreePBX BMO Class 'Vpn'

pbx-version = 10.13.66-11
core =
sysadmin = 13.0.81
framework =

Performed updates just the other day, after which everything seems to work fine. But When making changes to a user, this site moves users alot, but the computer and phone stay put. So, we’ll often change the users display name, and email, while leaving the actual user, which is an extension number, example user=429.

After the update, when ever I make a change to a user, and leaving the actual user, but changing the display name and email, I receive an error. Which then makes use of the GUI unavailable, from that computer.

Thought I should add this info, this pbx has no vpn, so there is no vpn configured, because we don’t need one. The phones an pbx are local to one another, our outbound trunk are thru a vega, which connects to T1, and is broken down into 23 channels. Which is what we use. (crystal clear voice quality, and no talking to AT&T)

The error suggest I run the following commands;
fwconsole ma install vpn
fwconsole ma enable vpn

Which which I get the error;
“Unable to install module vpn:
cannot find module”

  1. How can I compete the install of vpn module?

Now the pbx is a vm, so I can roll back, but I’d rather repair and move forward.
This does remove GUI control, and that will become an issue, has anyone else seen this bug?

Again, as in the past, I’d like to thank you for the time you’ll take looking this over and giving is some thought.

Jon Kelly

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