"Unable to locate the FreePBX BMO Class 'Core'A required module might be disabled or uninstalled" on a fresh, brand new installation of FreePBX 16

So, I installed “SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2302-1.iso”, had to google how to finally activate it due to Top Of The Line Sangoma website UI, wanted to buy around $1k of additional modules.

Right after activating it using web-GUI the “update modules” window pops up.

Hm, why not, what do you think?

Well, at first I have some thing about it not being able to update the core module, then it simply stuck on downloading a fax-related module at 76% for an hour and after rebooting the VM all I have is:

“Exception (404)
Unable to locate the FreePBX BMO Class 'Core’A required module might be disabled or uninstalled. Recommended steps (run from the CLI): 1) fwconsole ma install core 2) fwconsole ma enable core” in the web-GUI.

Like, really?

You basically SELL the very basic admin module and yet your “product” is not being able to update itself?

Then why would you even have this feature, leave it for paid Sangoma support users, say, $100 per module update, lmaoooo.

And, ofc, I have to create the Yet Another account for community.freepbx.org, cuz its totally not Sangoma related.

God, I miss Elastix so much.

As much as I love to play the beat up Sangoma game, it is a wonderful hobby, I am not sure it is a good random opener if you want actual help. I am guessing the issue you are having is for some reason core disabled itself. You should be able to run fwconsole ma install core which should fix things or give you some form of additional error.

Side note the team that formally worked on Elastix work on something called VitalPBX if I am correct. May be worth a google. I think you can still get the Elastix name with 3CX. It is a wonderful world of options.

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I guess I’ll just have to do a clean setup again and NEVER update any modules in the future, be it free or paid options - simply because I don’t have a time nor patience to debug and fix Sangoma’s “freecheeseware” that has never passed a single QA test.

sounds like a plan

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