Unable to locate the FreePBX BMO Class 'Chownfreepbx' after Module Upgrade

Just upgraded a number of modules, now getting below error:

Those modules I upgraded:

Upgrading: backup, bulkhandler, conferencespro, contactmanager, core, dashboard, directory, extensionroutes, featurecodeadmin, framework, iaxsettings, ivr, pagi ng, recordings, restapps, ringgroups, setcid, sipsettings, sms, soundlang, timec onditions, webcallback, webrtc

High Availabilty

This was fixed a long time ago.

So what does that mean, everything is fine, or do I have a problem that needs fixing?

You need to upgrade framework and then core and then everything else or go through commercial support

Upgrade to what?
All on latest releases.
FreePBX Framework

No. is the newest version of Core.