Unable to locate the FreePBX BMO Class - Cannot press apply

After updating all apps I am faced again with the issue. Any ideas?

can be deleted. solved issue by restoring vm backup.

That’s not a solution, it’s a work around. Without identifying the cause, it may well happen again. If it does, post the output of fwconsole ma list

thanks for your reply

I still have the old vm available.

I entered the command, how can I scroll upwards to take a screenshot of the previous pages?

Sharing text via image files is suboptimal. If on FreePBX Distro, you can share via pastebin:

fwconsole ma list | pastebin

am getting an error


probably due to some restrictions on the network :S

Most probably the module got uninstalled somehow and now the you can’t install it for the same network restrictions/filters. I would check your internet connectivity and make sure it has a clear path to repos. Then try to reinstall the module.

I will look into creating a backup and doing a freash installation of the latest freepbx and restore backup.

Issue reoccured :confused:


You have disabled modules, you need to install or remove them. I assume you don’t have Property Management licensed, so if not:

fwconsole ma delete oracle_connector
fwconsole ma delete pms

I don’t think I use them.