Unable to Load my Deployment Id to Sangoma

Unsuccessful at loading my deployment id. Sangoma support sight says System Admin accomplishes this. Not sure how my deployment maps to my portal login account as the deployments list is empty on the Sangoma support site.

Unable to post support tickets without registered deployment id, or when the moon is full or until Burnam Woods come to Dunsinane. Would be nice to be able to.

If your box has a deployment ID it means you activated it already. When you activate it you have to do.it with your portal login so it would be associated with your account already.

I am not sure what that means but I can say that I activated quite awhile ago, almost certifiably pre- Sangoma partnership. I have tried refreshing it and it shows my updated EPM status.
I am not sure how it is able to sync with my portal login account which does not use the same login as the community.

On the PhD fui,go to system admin->activation. Does it show that you system is activated?

My point is you must of activated it at one point as you say you have a deployment ID and it shows your license. You ned to figure out what account you activated it under. The only way to activate is with a portal account. This has been since day one that way.

Tony, when I go to the portal my Deployment Id is not displayed then DEPLOYMENT ID/CREATE says something like “the deployment id is created by System Administrator”. So I am going in a circle and don’t know the solution.

I also suggest that the portal should have an option to create a ticket by entering a deployment id which is not “registered” for reasons just like this.

Thanks. Yep, for years.

We would never allow you to open a ticket by deployment ID. That would be a major security issue and lead to tons of invalid tickets coming in with people trying to get free support.

Again if it has a deployment ID it means you activated it. You activated it with an account. You have to have a portal account to activate or register the PBX. You need to figure out what account you did that with.

It is always possible that I have two accounts. How do I trace the account linked to my id?

You would need to know the account it was created under. You can always open a customer service ticket in support and they can inform you what org its under. We can not provide password but once you know the user you can do a password reset.

Found the account I set up under the old FreePbx.com portal. Now still blocked because no commercial modules are registered and are required to send in a ticket. Days and days and still no ticket created.

Probably not going to help as they say they tested a 57i and it works. No one will tell me how they did that so I can not compare their “successful” test with my system. Of course they included a nice link to the wiki, as if that is the end to my issue.

Reminds me of the story about the school teacher who went to France and thought if she just repeated herself slowly and clearly enough they should be able to understand her.

Suggestion, displaying the login name in the commercial System Admin Module along with the ID would be a nice feature.