Unable to load module app_mysql.so

Hi, I’ve setup a CallerID lookup mysql database, but I dont know how to make the module for mysql load into the asterisk. I keep getting the error:

asterisk -x "module show like mysql"
Module Description Use Count Status Support Level
0 modules loaded

asterisk -vvrx 'module load app_mysql.so’
Unable to load module app_mysql.so
Command ‘module load app_mysql.so’ failed.

what should I do to make it load? I’ve the last version of freepbx.


Please Set log level higher, maybe the system would give you more debug info.

Unless your Asterisk was compiled with mysql support, it won’t work, you probably have (and should use) the odbc interface into whatever backend you want.

Thanks I was think about that too… Do you believe I can stop and just recompile it with the option, and turn freepbx back on?, or it needs a full install again?

You could and freepbx wouldn’complaun, but the mysql stuff is deprecated , why not use the odvc driver you already have


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Thanks dicko, Im trying to use the mysql suff because I want to use CIDLookup Source in freepbx, and it does not have ODBC… only MYSQL…, I will try recomplie, if does not work will try to understand how to do it with ODBC.