Unable to listen to Queue call recording

I’m trying to listen to recorded calls from queue in iSymphony. Extensions calls (inbound/outbounds right from/to extension) recorded I can listen just fine but can’t seem to add the queue recorded calls to the recordings.

They appear and play fine on Call Recordings reports in FreePBX.

Asterisk 13.27.1
iSymphony rev. 80d2788f

Thanks for your help,

A little follow-up ! I must not be the only one wishing to listen to Queue recorded calls through iSymphony :slight_smile:

@isymphony should be able to help you out more than we can. ISymphony isn’t actually part of FreePBX - it’s an add-on like DAHDI.

I also opened a ticket with @isymphony but I thought an actual user might have the solution as he/she ran into the same issue before I did.

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