Unable to install the SSH Keys Package

Hello everyone,

I’m preparing to do an upgrade on our FreePBX 13.x server this weekend.
The first step I’m trying to do is install the SSH Keys Package which under System Admin as if I need to call support they want SSH access.

If I go to System Admin, then over to Support, and click on the “Install” button for the SSH Keys Package, I get the red circle/slash for about two seconds and nothing happens. I have tried it several time.

Any idea how to get this installed or why it’s not installing?

Your sysadmin is probably out of date. You can install manually with

yum install ssh_keys

Thanks, sorry I am pretty much a newbie. When I type that in the command line, it says “No such command”

Sorry yes I was able to install it now. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

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