Unable to install sysadmin module

I am using FreePBX 14 on Asterisk 11

I recently installed FreePBX (not the distro) on Digital Ocean using a script since Digital Ocean doesn’t offer an easy way to load up a FreePBX distro – everything seemed to go well, except that there is no System Admin module under the Admin dropdown menu.

I’ve updated and downloaded all modules using the module updater and sysadmin is still not installed.

Can someone point me in the right direction to install the sysadmin module on a non distro FreePBX?
Thank you!

I’m pretty sure that the SysAdmin module (and a few others) need the Distro to be installed for you to be successful.

That’s a bummer for a number of reasons… mainly because I believe the firewall within FreePBX requires it apparently. When I try to install the firewall, I get this message: The File “/usr/lib/sysadmin/includes.php” must exist.

Yes sysadmin and all commercial mdoules are only supported on our Distro

Thanks Tony.

So I guess my best bet if I am not using the distro would be to just manually install fail2ban and call it a day? Any other tips for security measures of a non distro FreePBX?


Is your PBX locally hosted or in the cloud?

Do you have to make your SIP ports accessible from outside your local network?

If the you don’t have to open your SIP ports to the whole Internet than limit (with your firewall, not the FreePBX one) the IP who can talk to your SIP ports to only the ones of your provider and static IPs you would like to be able to talk to your PBX…

Your firewall has to allow putting ACLs on port, personally I use pfSense (on a dedicated system) for that…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Hi Nick

Thanks for your reply. Yes, we have to have SIP open as there are 2 other branch offices that register extensions to this PBX. Unfortunately it is a VPC so there is no hardware firewall that we can modify in front of the PBX itself.