Unable to Install or Upgrade Modules from FreePBX GUI

Hey all! Long time reader; First time poster :wink: Still learning Asterisk and FreePBX, but I have two systems up and have been able to resolve most of my issues through Google and the awesome replies in these forums… So, Thanks to all who contribute!

 The box in question is a Raspberry Pi running RasPBX (Raspbian, Apache/PHP/Mysql, Asterisk and FreePBX)It has been running just fine until now.

So, Here’s the issue.

When I attempt to install or upgrade any module using the FreePBX GUI I get this:
Please wait while module actions are performed

Downloading ANY MODULE Error(s) downloading ANY MODULE:
Error opening /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/ANY-MODULE.tgz for writing

  • amportal chown didn’t fix the problem
  • I can, however, install from CLI
    Thanks in advance for any help!

FreePBX Framework

You might want to create that directory, run

mkdir /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache

if you are using /var/www/html as your DocumentRoot

then start again, be aware that any commercial modules, even if free will not work on your system

Thanks, but unfortunately the directory already exists and permissions look correct. I thought about deleting it and recreating it.

Is your apache2 DocumentRoot /var/www/html ?

(you might want to start with RasPBX)

Yes, the path is the same. RasPBX seems to be fairly vanilla. I have a FreePBX distro running in a VM on my server and with the exception of x86 only modules, I can see no difference between the two. The repositories used are FreePBX’s.

I just checked out the RasPBX form and all the topics seem to be Pi or ARM related issues. So, this seems to be the right place. In any case, what could cause modules to install in CLI but not in GUI? Is it possible that permissions for FreePBX have been changed and is unable to download to that folder?

You would have to ask the opensource FreePBX distributors that, it always used to work.

I am having the same problem. Is there a fix for this. From the message it appears directory permissions have altered. I would like to upgrade the security fix but cannot from the GUI. Any solutions, please send me a message. [email protected]

ssh: amportal chown

i m also having the same issue while trying to update the module from the GUI. can freepbx advise on this please?
Please wait while module actions are performed
Downloading backup Error(s) downloading backup:
Error opening /var/www/html/prxfreepbx/admin/modules/_cache/backup- for writing "

Hi! I had have the same problem, you must to do this:
1 -> Create the folder: _cache into folder modules
2 -> Run the comand: amportal chown
3 -> Try to do the instalation again.

All upgraded now, and got a nice warm feeling when it is all working!