Unable to Install Official Freepbx Distro on Crucial NVME Drive

I am unable to install The latest stable SNG7 free pbx release on a crucial nvme M.2 Device

PC Info Intel i3 Comet Lake
P2 Crucial

The Hardware is not the issue as other linux versions install onto the nvme

I have tried all the usual , Bios settings to no avail

Please help

I Have also tried to partion with gpart etc. No luck

Its your bios settings…make sure secure boot is off. . If that doesn’t work switch from uefi to Legacy boot… i ran into this on 2 new nucs last week with Samsung m.2 ssd… change those settings and all is good

The Version of AMI Aptio Bios i have does not have legacy boot per say.

If i choose legacy only then the usb does not load install media

Overall its not a bios thing and i think its related to the SNG 7 Installer

its probably looking to install to sda/ and from the little i understand about linux and NVme is called nvme01 or something similar.

I am pretty sure that this may work on Cent os on its own as well

The Same Nvme works on Windows , Ubuntu and few others flawlessly

Quiet Disappointing as this is our go to SMB solution in our region. Only reason we didn’t buy the appliance is there are no more distributors in the country left.

The Fact that basic things like this is not corrected and fixed means we really need to evaluate whether freepbx and pbxact is viable anymore period.

I have zero issues installing FreePBX on my own built boxes and use nVME drives all the time. I got the same exact errors you did until I disabled Secure Boot and switched to Legacy boot from UEFI. Installed FreePBX 15 and 16 on 2 nVME Intel systems just last week with same errors. Made the BIOS changes and rebooted to USB install media and installed FreePBX no problem.

The boot media can be copied directly to usb and in mbr partition?

Doesnt want to boot from usb in the legacy option i have

Still give a similar error on legacy boot

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