Unable to hear the voice on freepbx 14

Dear Team,

i have installed Freepbx 14 with Asterisk 14.7.6 in centos 7 amazon cloud server.

And when am created the extension and registering the extension on my laptop zoiper …for some extension am able to hear the voice and other extension there no voice.

And those working extension if i register in any machine am able to hear …and the non working extension if register in another systems also not working .

All the extension is in same network.

Can any one help me on this ?

since you do not have logs, I just guess that, open the ports they need and check the codecs.

One-way audio is almost always a NAT problem. When it isn’t, it’s a codec problem on the phone.

So you have a local network, that is probably set up behind a NAT, with an ACS account that is also probably set up behind a NAT. There’s also probably a firewall or two in there in a couple of places that need to be set up for NAT. I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest your NAT configuration is messed up. :slight_smile:

Logs and details will greatly help us help you troubleshoot this issue.

Try xlite instead of Zoiper. I had less than good experiences with Zoiper myself but with xlite out there I didn’t waste a lot of time with trying to figure out workarounds for the problems.

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