Unable to global search for calls in User Panel

Since updating to 12.x…I can not do a global search for a phone number in the history under User Panel. I can do a search under each individual extension…but that is tedious at best. Is there still a way to search across all extensions for a number…or is the new way to have to search each individual extension one at a time?

This is how it worked previously as well. You could only see the data that you were allowed to see for said “extension”/“device”

Actually when going into this section previously you are given the entire list of all calls with a search bar…and there is no restriction to extensions. That way you can search for any number you want across all extensions. The way it is now, you have too search under each extension…which if you have a lot of extensions it makes it extremely time consuming…not to mention introducing a possibility for error if you accidentally skip an extension.

Why can’t you just search in the admin gui for CDRs?

and actually no previously that was not true unless you logged into ARI as the admin user.

Bottom line, if you want this file a feature request. The way it is now is more permissions based so the way it is now makes more sense along those lines, if you want to search all assigned DIDs then feel free to open a feature request, but it’s definitely not a trivial fix.

Thanks Andrew for the reply. I was logging in previously as an admin user. I appreciate you taking time to respond.