Unable to get voicemails and other probs

Morning all and Happy New Year,
well I have a couple of problems to say the least, I have not been able to sort them out the reason why I am here asking.
Version is FreePBX 12.0.13 and a couple of items are not working from the original install.
First on is voicemail, I have made a message, it worked for two incoming calls then gone!, I also have two voicemails sitting and guess I can not retrieve them on the phone or via the user portal.
If I try to use the phone book I get the voice prompts, nice its working then enter the first three letter, just hangs up.
Voicemail dial the number *97# phone just hangs up,
anything to do with the asterisk talking to the computer getting time, or extension numbers or retrieving audio mail nothing happens it hangs up.

Now you all are saying well big deal, it did work on 11.

All the phones are aastra 480i, the install was a bog standard install on 11 then the upgrade was taken after I got it all working.

I know there is a couple of problems listed here, there are others, I am hoping that someone in the community knows what the hell I am on about, and might be able to point me the right way to repairing the system.
I really do not want to have to re-install it as the server now has an email server running and other stuff, nothing to do with the phone side.

Also just as a ask, is there a easy way of making the install use the full hard drive, or do I really need to use a live cd and go for it.

Cheers all Paul