Unable to get to admin portal after adding extension

I went through and added an extension as normal, after pressing save, it went to revert back to the admin portal but returned an HTTP 500 error. I’ve tried the amportal reload, httpd restart etc… but no luck. I’ve seen other hits on similar things but none from just adding an extension. they’re all after doing updates.

I can provide any logs needed as long as someone tells me what to get and how to get them

update: so, while restarting httpd I noticed it was saying it couldn’t identify the server name and gave one of the server’s IPs as the host name that it was using. I was able to connect to the admin panel using that IP instead of the normal one.

our server has 2 ip addresses. one is the one I normally use to connect to the device, it’s on our production subnet. the other is for the phones only and it’s on it’s own subnet. how do I convince the system to return to operation on the primary IP instead of the secondary IP?

update 2 - the updatening: upgraded to 10.13.66 track…fixed the problem