Unable to get events/alerts from Asterisks Manager


I did a fresh install of Freepbx and created Manager user from Settings->Manager users with password specified. Then, I used AstTray to connect to this Freepbx using manager user. It did connect succesfully. I was expecting that it will now give me information about all events going through manager, but nothing happened. I made calls from two extensions to each other, and the app didn’t catch any. Neither Asterisks.net is working.

I presume that there is some thing which needs to be enabled at Asterisks end to allow the manager user give me events of inocming calls, etc. Can anyone help?

It is an interface. Connecting is step 1. You have to issue commands etc.


Sorry but it seems I am lagging some understanding here that you can help me with get through.

Here is what I want. In my Winform application, I am using Asterisks.NET to connect to Freepbx using manager user. All good till here!

Now, when a call is made from one extension to another on the LAN (which is used in my case, no external trunks, etc.), I expect that Asterisks.NET should trigger an event about this like “New Call”, which I have registered in my application. But strangely, I don’t receive any such events. Any idea?