Unable to get Cisco 7970's to register

I have a couple of Cisco 7970’s and they won’t register lines. As a test I set an incorrect password on one of the registrations just so I can see that it’s talking to my server and I do get the messages in the CLI that the request failed so I know they are getting to the server.

I’m using pjsip on port 5060 and the phones are set for port 5060 as well, I’m wondering if there is something I need to configure on a per extension basis or in the advanced sip/pjsip settings (perhaps a codec that must be enabled for Cisco phones?).

This is happening on two different FreePBX servers (one in my house, the other in my office) so I’m assuming there’s a common thread here preventing the registration. I’m not sure what to post here that might be helpful, but am happy to upload some stuff if it helps.

I did have these phones working fine on my previous old version of FreePBX.

Thank you!

Cisco phones are very Asterisk unfriendly, many have success by disabling the qualify bit. Pretty sure that SIP would be a better choice than PJSIP for these buggers.

That was it, thank you :). I tried a couple variations (for anyone else who gets to this thread) of the answer with varying degrees of success but PJSIP is not the right protocol for this phone, it must be SIP. The qualify can be either yes or no for this to work, qualify = yes take a bit longer until Asterisk kicks in and recognizes the phone but it does work eventually.

One other somewhat related question now that this is working… Everything is working on the phone, inbound and outbound dialing, but I do get this strange tone after I dial the first digit of the phone number. Normally you hear a dial tone and just “dead air” once you start punching in digits, this one gets a strange long tone on the first digit and then “dead air”. I don’t recall this phone did that before on my old PBX so I wonder if it’s, again, a setting in FPBX that needs to be updated for SIP (since my other PJSIP devices don’t do that).

Probably not, it is likely your “digitmap” on the endpoint

Yea, I just played with it and when I dial a 3 is the only time it happens, long distance and other local area codes don’t, so it’s just a dialplan issue somewhere.

Thanks again!

hehe, then don’t dial 3 :wink: you need to setup your dialplan “exclusively” by MSD (most significant digit) , both in the endpoint and FreePBX. If your dialplan is “closed” in other words, if there is no ambiguous route, then the dial will be unimpeded, if not you will need to wait for the default “digit timeout” by default 5 seconds.