Unable to get Camp-on to work

I am trying to get Camp-on to work on my FreePBX. I checked the advanced settings and checked the modules and it seems Camp-On is enabled. Below are screenshots, from the Advanced settings, Module Admin, and Feature Codes

When I dial a extension, the line is busy so it hangs up, straight after that I dial *82 it gives me a beep and hangs up. Then the user hangs up the phone it’s supposed to be that my phone rings so I can ring the user but it just doesn’t work.

Any ideas what I can do to fix this

IIRC, Camp-on has been removed from Asterisk as of version 11 (maybe?), so it may not be available from the underlying Asterisk system, even if the feature code is available.

PBX 14 Asterisk 14. The below is in the advanced settings… so i don’t think it was removed.
Maybe it was, but the settings are still here?..

It’s not supported in asterisk anymore.

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Yes I have Asterisk (Ver. 11.10.2). So does that mean it’s been removed even though the service is installed? Is there no way to get this to work? I really need a feature like this, is there a solution?

Look at these:

https://www.voip-info.org/asterisk-tips-campon (v2)

You might be able to emulate some functionality with these.

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