Unable to get call history and precedence since the last version of FREEPBX

Hello everyone,

I have a problem since version I have a D80 Digium station (version 1_) on which I have neither the status nor the call history. I tried the command (fwconsole chown) without success, I also tried a restoration of the D80 station, still the same problem.

Need to know how you’re provisioning your phone. Are you using Endpoint Manager with DPMA provisioning?


yes indeed I use EPM with DPMA (3.6.5)

I’m not able to repro this, what version of Endpoint Manager and what firmware version are you using?

I use version (EPM), the phone firmware is version 1_12_12 (Digium D80), FREEPBX and Asterisk 13.38.3.

It’s good for you have all the necessary elements?

Same versions as me. Are you having issues with other DPMA apps such as call park and voicemail?

No problem with that but I don’t have the user status on the phone anymore. And before, on the Digium phone module I had no problem.

Double check the requirements showing in the wiki

and if the problem persists open up a support ticket

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