Unable to get A400 channels to do anything. wanpipe says failed to get voltage stats?

I’m trying to set up a FreePBX system at work to replace our old, terrible Vertical MBX IP. I just got an A400 card with 6 FXO ports and installed it, did passthrough to the VM. I have experience with FreePBX at home, but only using SIP trunks. I’m new to analog telephony cards.

FreePBX/Asterisk sees the card and ports just fine. It assigned channels 7-12 to the FXO ports. I’ve created a trunk and incoming/outgoing routes. Hopefully I did that properly. Nothing seems to work, though. If I try to dial outbound I just get 403 busy. Incoming doesn’t work, either. If I call the line, nothing happens. Nothing even shows in Asterisk’s log.

“wanpipe -i w1g1 -c astats -m 1” just returns “Failed to get voltage stats!”

Any tips for a newbie on what to check? Thanks!

I assume you have followed all the required steps after physically installing the card and before trying to use it, like executing wancfg to perform the initial card configuration.

Huh, thanks. I had no idea about this, the installation page on the wiki said nothing about wancfg.

There are a log of wancfg* binaries. Do I want regular wancfg, or do I want something else like wancfg_dahdi?

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I already ran wancfg_dahdi earlier after some Google searching turned up something about it. Sorry, it’s been a long day. I just ran it again, nothing changed. I still get the error about failing to get voltage status.

Are there instructions somewhere for just blowing out this whole wanpipe/dahdi config and starting over properly?

Okay, apparently the voltage status error is normal for FXO ports. So my problem seems to be something else.

Are you sure that the FXO modules are correctly seated on the card?
The error about voltage should not be shown if the ports are working correctly, no matter if they are FXO or FXS. In fact, for FXO ports, you would see around 48v when on hook or 0 if no line is connected to the port.

I’m pretty sure they are, the red side of the PCB is up and they were pushed in there nicely. I’ll have to check tomorrow to be sure, I’m doing some troubleshooting remotely from home right now.

It also does see all 6 FXO ports and has assigned them channels 7 to 12.

I’m testing with a MagicJack that we had sitting around not being used, I wonder if that’s causing an issue? Although I was first trying with a four-port phone line emulator box, and only switched to the MJ when that was not working. Same problem with both.

I’m an idiot… I should have been using “-m 7”… I was using “-m 1” thinking it would look at my first available port, when I should have been specifying the actual port number.

Now I see “VOLTAGE : 1 Volts” and “Line : Disconnected”. So it’s either a physical connection problem, or it doesn’t like my test devices for whatever reason. Software is apparently fine. I’ll look into the issue tomorrow when I can physically access the system again.

Thanks for trying to help!

EDIT: Came in to work today, had a look and all is fine. The source of my confusion was thinking that the “first” slot on the Sangoma card was nearest the DB25 port, so I put my three FXO cards in “backwards”. I thought pair 1 on the cable was going to the first FXO card, when it was actually going nowhere. Pairs 7 to 12 connect to my FXO cards and directly match the DAHDI channel numbers. Makes sense.

Incoming and outgoing calls all work perfectly now. Maybe this will help somebody else in the future.

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