Unable to generate MOTD

When I log into a SSH session to my FreePBX Distro, I get the error “Unable to generate MOTD. The /usr/sbin/fwconsole file is not accessible”.

I found a similar issue Fwconsole not found but with mine, when I performed the command “locate fwconsole”, there was no location returned.

I got into this situation after running in-place upgrade scripts from 6.12.65-22 and am now on 10.13.66-17

This is a production machine and appears to function OK. I am running Asterisk Ver 11.25.1

Are you logging in as root?

Yes, through Putty (in case that makes a difference)

we see that error all the time, but it is because we log in with a non-root user id and then sudo if we need to work at the root level